Call for proposals: 9th International Conference of Fog, Fog Collection, and Dew, 2022

The International Fog and Dew Association (IFDA, invites proposals to host the 9th International Conference of Fog, Fog Collection, and Dew 2022. The tri-annual conference took place in Vancouver, (Canada, 1998),  St.  John’s  (Canada,  2001),  Cape  Town  (South  Africa,  2004),  La  Serena  (Chile,  2007), Münster (Germany, 2010), Yokohama (Japan, 2013), Wrocław (Poland, 2016), and will be held in Taipei (Taiwan) in 2019. No decision has been made about the host and location for the 9th conference in 2022.

If you are interested to host the 9th conference in 2022, please submit an expression of interest including:

  • the name (or names, with full addresses) of the potential conference host
  • a location (city?) with the description of potential conference venues and excursion trips
  • one or more potential weeks in 2022 of when the conference could take place
  • potential special topics, side events, partner conferences,
  • a financial framework which emphasizes the support of scientists from developing countries and students.

Please send your exposé at your earliest convenience, but not later than 30 April 2019, to Otto Klemm, President IFDA, The decision will be made by the IFDA board ( We hope to receive highly qualified proposals. If you have any question, please contact Otto Klemm or any other any other IFDA board member.

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