9th International Conference on Fog, Fog Collection, and Dew

Dear fog and dew colleagues,   It is my great pleasure to inform you that the 9th International Conference on Fog, Fog Collection, and Dew will be held July 23-28, 2023 in Fort Collins, Colorado USA.  We will open with an ice-breaker reception on Sunday evening, July 23rd.  A mid-week excursion – a tradition for …

new IFDA board and scientific chairman elected

The new scientific board is composed of 11 members (alphabetic order of last names): Nurit Agam Jan Cermak Glenda Garcia Santos Ismail Gultepe Martial Haeffelin (IFDA president) Genki Katata (Scientific chairman for the 9th conference) Otto Klemm Pablo Osses Belinda Roux Kathleen Weathers Suping Zhang ex‐officio member: Jeff Collett

Special Issue related to Fog & Dew 2019 Conference

A Special Issue is currently proposed in the Journal of Hydrology. This special issue will gather contributions based on studies that were presented and discussed at the Fog & Dew conference in Taipei (July 2019) and other relevant contributions. The title of the special issue is ” Advances in fog and dew life cycles and …

Greetings from the 8th IFDA conference in Taipei, Taiwan

The 8th conference is just finished. Thanks to hosts, the scientific committee, sponsors, and to all participants to make it a great success. We present here two photos of the conference dinner. Please refer to the conference homepage for more details, photos, media. https://www.fogdew2019.org/  


Worldmap with the location of every User

Hello everybody, If you wanted to know where everbody is studying fog and few, you can look that up now. Here is a map with the location of YOU. If you could not find yourself or if you don’t want to be represented on this map, please contact us. The map will be updated periodically.


Dear visitor of this homepage, the International Fog and Dew Association (IFDA) supports the International Conferences on Fog, Fog Collection and Dew. The next conference will be help in Taiwan, 2019. If you are interested in any issues of fog or dew, you are welcome to contribute to IFDA, this homepage, and the conference series. …